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Little Big's | by Dave77459
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Little Big's

It was a rocky road to get to Little Big's, but it was worth it. My new work schedule has me off every other Friday, and I busied myself running Roxie-related errands. I budgeted all morning to get her inspected, registration renewed, and to get some helmet gear for Jamie. I was done with all that and more by 10:30, so that gave me time to consider lunch.


I've decided that my Friday's off would include a visit to one of the harder-to-get-to burger places reviewed by Burger Friday. The newest review was of a place very close to my best bud, and I tried to get him to go with me. He was in meetings, so I decided to visit Lankford's Grocery and save Mr. Char Burger for a day when he was able to dine with me.


Lankford's Grocery was hailed by local hamburger aficionados as having the best burger in Houston. Consequently, it was high on my list of joints to try, even though Burger Friday hadn't reviewed it. Then, disaster: Burger Friday stopped by three times to give it a fair trial, and was disappointed each time. The review was shockingly bad. It got a B.


Ever the optimist, I thought that maybe my own visit would result in a great burger experience. It did not. I saw a line at the cashier, and thought it was where you ordered. That is the typical way here in Houston. Instead, I was sternly told to sit down. OK, but it was just past rush hour and every empty table was piled high with lunch droppings. There were tables outside, half of which were clean. So I went outside and waited for someone to come out and take my order.


It was 103F, but I waited 20 minutes for a waitress to appear. I was irritated at the tone the cashier had, and increasingly aggravated at the fact that I was sitting outside. Yes, my obstinate hackles were raised. In short, I left Lankford's Grocery without having eaten, and determined that I wasn't going back.


My GPS has the coordinates of all the Burger Friday joints, and Little Big's was only half a mile away. Roxie and I headed over there and I got a parking spot right outside the front door. Things were looking up!


Like every burger joint except those who receive a failing grade, the cashier took my order. I got beef sliders and fries, plus a vanilla shake. I was barely seated when the shake arrived. It was delicious, thick-enough but still suckable through a straw. My sliders and fries arrived a minute later.


There is a whole "fixins bar", but I wanted to try the burgers as they were. Also, I was comfortable on my stool and didn't want to move. So I enjoyed the hand-formed, thickish sliders as they came: with caramelized onions and cheese. They had an impressive ooze for so small a patty, and tasted well of perfectly seasoned beef. The bun was fresh and survived a strong grip as the burger was shoved into my gaping maw. One slider was satisfying to the soul, and I had two more left!


But here's a secret: I tasted the fries first. I always do, for some reason. They were superb, covered with delicious sea salt. They aren't as good as Wheel Burger's double-cooked fries, but the fries are delicious.


I'm going to give the entire meal an A.


When I got home, I read the Burger Friday review. I'm glad they gave Little Big's an "Enthusiastic A". I can't wait to go back, but I have many more joints to try first.


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Taken on June 26, 2009