Chicken John Schmamping Trip: The first Camp Tipsy (2008)
Chicken describes it in the announcement:

Camp Tipsy … on and around the weekend of May 3rd… fun camping trip on a lake with boats and performance and art installations.


I am doing a camping trip on and around the weekend of May 3rd in a location about 2/12 hours from San Francisco. The location is on a beautiful lake. We have the site from Tuesday the 29th to Thursday the 8th. There is a very, very limited number of people who can go. A few hundred at most. But it’s going to be really great. We have all the propulsion systems here, in my shop. We are building 3 test crafts this very week (at NIMBY, if ya wanna come help). I’m calling the campout Camp Tipsy because it’s cute. Camp Tipsy will have TONS of entertainment and stuff, but it will also have a bunch of boats. It’s a boat thing. Bring a boat or borrow one of ours. We are going to do a big communal kitchen. It’s really warm there, and really pristine. It’s a great nature moment.


We have a big kitchen that goes under a big tent. It’s all communal. Kinda. They’ll be meal time capers and nightly instigators of foods, but more anarchy then democracy. All run by Food Hacking master Chef Mark Powell. The kitchen will have all the basics and stuff. More on that later.

Every night we have a few feature performers. Mellow, fun, cool campfire music. And such.

Floating art. Boats. Swimming. Dogs. Kids. Building stuff. Sailing. Biking.

It’s all sounding too wholesome. But after all, wholesome is the new decadence.

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