SF Transbay Terminal
Taken a week before it closed for good.

Opened in 1939, "The Transbay Terminal was built as the San Francisco terminus for the electric commuter trains of the Southern Pacific, the Key System and the Sacramento Northern railroads which ran on the south side of the lower deck of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge. The SP and Sacramento Northern trains ceased service across the Bay in 1941. The Key trains ran until April 1958 after which the tracks were removed from the terminal and replaced with pavement for use primarily by the buses of the publicly-owned successor of the Key System, AC Transit." -- Wikipedia

Damaged by the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, all retail was eventually eliminated as the marginal seismic retrofit completed in 1999 wasn't deemed safe enough. With buses replacing trains, no retail, and the advent of BART, the underutilized Transbay began its slow descent into the urine-soaked homeless encampment that most San Franciscans think of when they think of the Transbay.

An ignoble end to a once noble building.
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