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What Lies Within


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So today's picture is not quite so sunny and cheery as yesterday's. It is Friday the 13th and so I thought I would share something appropriate for the day.


I took this at an abandoned hospital in Gary, Indiana while on a photoshoot with my friend Chris Nitz. (The premises were entered legally with permission from the city.) This was one scary place as you can probably tell from the picture. The windows were filled with bullet holes, the walls and ceilings were torn apart, and at times you needed a flashlight just to see what was on the floor in front of you. This room in particular was super dark, since it had no windows and no access to any ambient light.


I was fascinated by the scene in this room. Not only was the wall torn apart and the wallpaper peeling, but the floor was littered with interesting debris that seemed to tell a story, in particular the fire hose that was partially unwound. We will probably never know what happened here!


TECHNICAL EDIT: Many people have asked me about this so I thought I would share. The light and color are not something that I did in post-processing. The room was completely dark, so I added in my own stationary light source into a hole in the wall and that is what created the effect. I didn't move it around or do any light painting. It is a 3-image HDR composite which helps give it a nice depth, and then I darkened it up a bit in Photoshop.


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Taken on April 8, 2011