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Into the Wild/進入野外

Took an adventure at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for 5 hours along this river near by Brecksville. Basically, I expected to get some shots for the morning mist, unfortunately, the river looked nothing special. I had to find something enjoy myself, finally, the poor light on the trees brought me just a little pleasure! Hope get some suggestions of the wild photography, thank you!

早晨5點多在cuyahoga valley national park進行了一個5個小時的野外探險,本以為能捕捉一些霧氣矇矇的照片,可是到那之後這個河依然跟往常一樣。我只能找些其他的小景色來彌補我這受傷的心靈,一點點陽光洒在了一岸的樹上已經是給我很大的慰藉了。希望朋友給我點野外拍照的建議,很是感謝!

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Taken on July 13, 2012