• *NOM* - Tony2 [Please use my new account]
  • Back away from my waffles... Seriously, back away...
  • I'm with Tony....! - stuart (found a little Spring...)
  • You can back away too. Don't make me take this photo down!
  • this seriously makes me hungry.. haha - Colin/Murphy
  • are you trying to make me fat or what?! lol. looks sooo good - Carly Wong
  • These look like my waffles... only triangularish... mine are squareish... You did good!

    And I know you've already denied two others... but could I have just a taste? Third time's the charm right? Please? :)

    P.S. This photo could easily be in a high gloss food magazine. Seriously. - Kelley, Lyndsey A.
  • Because you asked nicely, and it was your recipe then yes you may... No one else though right!!! Back off!
  • They were SO tasty!!!
  • He he cheers Colin...
  • *wimpers* - {katie}
  • I might do a 365 of these... Yeah, that'd be cool... :)
  • yummmmmmmmmmmmm! - NicoleMatthews
  • Exactly! - Now back away too... :)
  • This looks yummy :D - Karen D. kashma123


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Banana and Golden Syrup Waffles to be precise...
Charlotte got me a waffle maker for Christmas... I am in waffle heaven!


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