Katz, Skaggs, Osco, CVS Overland Park KS
I grew up with Skagg's drugstores, next to every Safeway in Colorado Springs. I believe Skagg's and Safeway were started by two brothers.

By the time I came to Kansas City at age 18, I believe it was Osco, with not a Skagg's in sight.

But I did not know that Skagg's had arisen from Katz Drug, the famous Kansas City drugstores, with the large, black, whiskered cat face positioned over the entry doors.

Katz was begun by two brothers, Ike and Mike Katz, I believe, and billed itself as "The World's Leading Cut-Rate Drugstores, " on prominent exterior signage.

Now all the Osco's are CVS Drugstores.
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