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Twilight Valkyrie - Final | by DARKSIDERZ
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Twilight Valkyrie - Final

"Lux in Tenebris


Here stands before you the mightiest of the Valkyrie, the one who watches over the balance between Light and Darkness, the Emissiary of Chaos. Her name is Altheona, the Twilight Valkyrie


A noble warrior, versed in the arts of chaos, and capable of unleashing tremendous power to vanquish her foes, and restore the balance between the Light and Darkness when under threat.


Armed with an arsenal of mystical weapons forged with the very essence of those powers, Altheona a skillful combatant when the need arises. She can summon the weapons and fluidly transition between their combinations for maximum effect. Her Seraphic Spear and Shield of Virtue are her primary response to the minions of darkness. She can also call upon the shadows to bring forth her Hellforged Mace and Demonic Shield to eliminate transgressors who serve the Light."


How overdue is this though!


For those of you who have been following me, you will have seen WIP's of this for several months. At some point I was done with it and I figured you guys might want to see it. So without further ado, here's a preview of my most perfect WIP to date: the Twilight Valkyrie!


I took a whole lot of (subconscious) inspiration from chaos-themed Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters, such as Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, BLS - Envoy of the Evening Twilight, Tethys, Goddess of Light, and several others.


I have always been fascinated with the concept of perfect asymmetry, that splits a being completely between light and darkness, or any other similarly conflicting powers or phenomena. I have attempted several such MOC's in the past, such as Darklight Paladin and Draxx, Return of the Magnetomenace. I have also created an LDD collab with TheOneVeyronian depicting this concept as a chess game.


So there you have it! I hope you guys have enjoyed looking at this MOC, thanks in advance for likes/comments, and stay tuned for some more pics coming soon! Happy Holidays!

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Taken on December 26, 2016