DIY film
Can't buy the film you want any more? Just make the stuff!

In this set you will find random photos and information on a project a friend has undertaken - a machine to make his own camera film.

Plastic and goop go in one end, and camera film comes out the other end. This is not a trivial undertaking.

Got a question? Just ask!

...but not me. I can't answer them, but the APUG thread listed below can.


This bit of hardware seems to have created a bit of a stir...

...and there's a couple of private discussion groups I do not have access to that link here.

*further update*

It's been picked up by a couple of blogs and now the live journal crowd. These images are often the twelve most viewed images on my photostream, so a lot of people are interested.

*yet another update*

I have moved away for work so will not be able to get any more photos for a while. But at this point in time, the coating machine is working well and the builder is now concentrating on building the reaction chambers for the various emulsions he intends to use.

To all those who are thinking of doing a project like this, get do it! Post your results!
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