Shanghai: Our (Surprise) Wedding (2006)
When most people wake up on their wedding day, they know they will be getting married. Not us. We thought we were going to the Shanghai Marriage Service Center to fill out some initial paperwork. We thought we'd then have to go to a hospital for tests and then return at a later date for more paperwork -- at least that's what all the websites told us. Well, they seem to have streamlined their process. And after less than 30 minutes at the office on August 12, 2006, we were pronounced husband and wife by employee No. 3. Bizarre. My attire? A "Bloomsburg Fair" T-shirt and flip-flops. I hadn't showered. [Since a couple people have inquired about this, we should say that this "wedding" does not cancel our plans to formally tie the knot in Thailand next month. It was just easier (and much, much cheaper) to do the legal stuff here ... and this way we don't have to waste two days of our honeymoon signing papers in Bangkok. I promise I will shower, and maybe wear pants, for our beach ceremony in Koh Samui.]
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