Fuck Yeah!

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    The final product

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    1. rockpants! 106 months ago | reply

      sorry but this is really ugly

    2. vinniegarcia 106 months ago | reply

      You'll be kicking yourself for doing this in a few months fyi

    3. Accipit3r 106 months ago | reply

      No offense intended, but that is terribly ugly.

      And congratulations on advertising to the world that you can't spell. Every time you open your laptop, someone's going to see "Reccommendation" and laugh at you.

    4. Sam Figueroa 106 months ago | reply

      HORRIBLE the sleekness its gone.

    5. kauff 106 months ago | reply

      that poor macbook didn't deserve that

    6. William Stewart 106 months ago | reply

      Wow! That is so ugly, words cannot do it justice. You should heed one of the words on your newly defaced laptop and "focus on simplicity." Oh yeah, and focus on spelling as well.

    7. Yawforab is Fuckin Gay [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

      yo did someone force you at gunpoint to get that done you fucking faggot

    8. Paul Wilcock 106 months ago | reply

      You've covered your laptop with a bunch of buzzwords.

      Are you in middle management by any chance?

    9. bonaldi 106 months ago | reply

      reccommendation: run away from computers, forever. they've burnt you.

    10. mwaters 106 months ago | reply

      LOOK AT ME I'M SO WEB 2.0!!!!

      this is the lamest thing I've ever seen.

      ps WEBINAR

    11. pantagrapher 106 months ago | reply

      Wow. It's just like being in a meeting!

      And I love the delicious irony of etching "focus on simplicity" on there.

      Very clever.

    12. jennybento 106 months ago | reply

      Wow, a lot of assholes think that if they don't like something it's wrong, huh? Other people know so much more about you and what you like than you do, it looks like. Way to go for doing something creative that you like.

      Who resells their mac? :)

    13. MattMaber [aka Somefool] 106 months ago | reply

      "Who resells their mac? :)"

    14. Kitteny Berk 106 months ago | reply

      This truly epitomizes everything that is wrong with your average mac user.

      Congratulations, you're a self important prat.

    15. darth_smallberries 106 months ago | reply

      is RECCOMMENDATION some goofy web 2.0 site, or just a really unfortunate typo?

    16. moejarv 105 months ago | reply

      Biiiiiingooooo !!!!!

    17. sarcacid 105 months ago | reply

      This is truly awful. The spelling errors and repeated words are just the icing on the cake.

    18. MacArtist 105 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

    19. jeff panis 102 months ago | reply

      that is insane. i want to do that to my 17"!!!! nice.

    20. Genoskill 71 months ago | reply

      Fuck web 2.0 yeah.

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