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bodhisattva in the moonlight 月光下的觀音

to view the same sculpture taken in daytime.

Sand sculpting artists from Taiwan, U.S. and Japan dedicated themselves to creating sculptures on the Taiwan's Northeast Beach a month ago for the Fulong Sand Sculpture Expo 2011. The festival is scheduled to display 13 masterly sculptures created by domestic and overseas artists. The completed ones include the largest-ever “Paradise Tiki” by the American"Sand Sculpture Company", in which vivid tropical volcanoes and palm trees are ready to astonish beach goers. With awe-inspiring, refined craftsmanship, Japanese artist Toshihiko Hosaka has also brought characters from Greek mythology to life, such as hero Hercules and lion Nemean in fight.

Various sculptures from the “Fantastic World” have been completed as well. A combination of famous global landmarks and classic comic characters, the “Fantastic World” is the much highlighted work of more than 20 artists from the “Jing Ling 3D Sculpture Studio” in Taiwan. In this little universe centering an Avatar relief, visitors are invited to take a trip to the Mayan pyramids, the Taipei 101 Tower which the Spiderman is climbing, the Egyptian Abu Simbel Temple, the Leshan Giant Buddha from China, and the chalet from a Japanese animation “Spirited Away.” Last, but not the least and not to be missed, is the popular “Fortune Dragon” beach area, also by Taiwanese artists. The dragons are so lovely that no beach goers can resist.

The festival is officially inaugurated at 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. from May 1 to June 30, 2011.

Above is digested from the official website of Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival 2011.


The original name for this bodhisattva is Avalokitasvara. The Chinese name for Avalokitasvara is Guānshìyīn Púsà (觀世音菩薩), which is a translation of the earlier name "Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva." This bodhisattva is variably depicted as male or female, and may also be referred to simply as Guānyīn in certain contexts...(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


觀音;觀世音菩薩,观音菩萨,(梵文:अवलोकितेश्वर,Avalokiteśvara),又作 观世音菩萨。


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Fulong Beach, Gung-Liau, New Taipei city, Taiwan.



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Taken on May 10, 2011