Stranger #100

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    I was walking along Orchard when I saw her walking towards my direction. She was wearing a simple one-piece dress, and was quite tall almost towering over most of the people around her. I wasn't decided yet if I wanted to shoot her, but as I got closer, I knew I had to - she had this subtle angelic charm. My heart started to pound... it always does whenever I'm about to approach a stranger for their portrait. I stopped her and asked if I could take her picture. She smiled and said "Oh, street style." I chuckled a "yeah...", relieved that she understood what I was doing. She said yes. After I took a few shots, I thanked her and she went on her way. I noticed my hands were slightly shivering. It's funny coz this was my 100th stranger and I still get the shivers. Maybe it was because it's been almost 3 weeks since I last approached a stranger. Or maybe it was because I knew I had a keeper shot.

    This is my 100th stranger. I started this project thinking I'll stop at 100... but I figured I really loved doing this so I might as well go on to shoot more... but not regularly, though. Just when I have some free time, or I happen to have my camera in my hands and see a stranger with a great face. In the meantime, I'm still brewing up a new project to work on.

    I also still have some faces in queue to show, so please still watch out for those. Thank you guys for all the comments and support!

    This is really highly recommended to be seen large on black


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    1. ben oït 49 months ago | reply

      she seems so self-confident.....and awesome of course!

    2. mausgabe 49 months ago | reply

      Beautiful photo. Gorgeous woman. (Stopping back occasionally to admire the set: well done.)

    3. Donald James Mackintosh [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      World Class!

    4. Jef1955 48 months ago | reply

      Direct, yet subtle.
      Very subtle.

    5. marcellucray 46 months ago | reply

      Lightning shot

    6. Lilla~Rose_thanks for 2 million views 45 months ago | reply

      Awe inspiring Stranger project !
      Im on Number One lol

    7. eagle_21117 45 months ago | reply

      A great project executed to perfection, thanks so much for sharing and inspiration. I have done several street portraits since seeing your photos. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

    8. Standard Deluxe 38 months ago | reply

      A superb portrait Danny. Amazing that this was shot street style.

    9. Ivan . 35 months ago | reply

      Impresionant and very artistic work... Great example to follow.

    10. budie deathlust 32 months ago | reply

      beautiful face....
      you're the brave one

    11. CobaBa 31 months ago | reply

      natural beauty - very nice ...

    12. flatworldsedge 27 months ago | reply

      "Street style..." awesome. Fantastic impact to her unwavering gaze. Love your work - the consistence across the project is inspiring.

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