Its a Toshiba M200

    I hate it. - Ethan Watters
  • the 2710p is way nicer, and sturdier - jyfeliz

Moleskine THIS

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Yeah, yeah, paper is great, moleskines are the GTD revolution, but paper... paper takes up space. Space I don't got.

OneNote is like Digital Paper. Digital Paper, on crack, going 100 miles per hour on fire through a hospital zone... with ninjas on top (to borrow a phrase).

  1. Adventures of Timmy and Kevin 95 months ago | reply

    BUT.... as it is a Windoze machine it will invariably crash when you least expect it. Moreover, you have to worry about battery life and also it is not always so accessible as a pen and paper.

    I am SLOWLY learning to be less reliant on my computer for EVERYTHING because of this. It is hard as I tend to make everything so complex.

    I must say that the tablet looks pretty amazing!

  2. DannoHung 95 months ago | reply

    You are right, it's borken now and it ended up proving far too frustrating to actually use for note taking.

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