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Eccles cakes and Jacobean Banburys

Though our Eccles and Banbury cakes grew similar during the mid 1800s, they were once quite different characters. The Eccles (aboove, left) has a beautiful simplicity, little more than currants wrapped in a sugar party crust, while the Banbury (above, right) here - based on Gervase Markham’s recipe - uses a dark spiced yeast dough, rolled paper thin, enclosing a rich dough heavy with fruit and tasting quite lovely served warm.


And...it's a new year and a new bigger splash in the magazine each week. I'll be looking at more British recipes on some weeks, as well as more detail on ingredients, with a little more science and technique mixed in. Hope you enjoy the journey!


Both recipes in this Saturday’s Guardian Weekend Magazine, January 7th 2012!

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Taken on January 4, 2012