The Hornburg at Helm's Deep

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I built this model as a promotional display for a store in Oslo. If you live nearby or visit Oslo you should check it out! The store is called outland and is located next to the main street of Oslo.
This is also probably the last MOC you'll see from me the coming months. I will have little time to build and no access to my bricks.

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  1. El Barto! 21 months ago | reply


  2. Ken_1974 21 months ago | reply

    Simply amazing

  3. L@go 21 months ago | reply

    I know I'm late to the party here, but it's impossible not to comment on this. Hopefully I'll manage a trip to Oslo in the not so distant future to see it up close. It's amazing.

  4. K.Kreations 21 months ago | reply

    The Rockwork is just stunning. Every part of this build comes together to make it perfect.
    Although I feel some of the new licensed mini-figs would have gone a long way, but I understand that it is difficult to obtain that many or for any other reason.

  5. Daniel Z "DNL" 21 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone!
    Nirdian: The display will be in Oslo for at least two months, maybe more.

  6. 'LL' 21 months ago | reply

    I love you Daniel.

  7. SithPez 21 months ago | reply

    As both a fan of castle and LotR I have to say that this is one of the best, and most expansive MOC's I have seen this year. Great job!

  8. byron1cman 20 months ago | reply

    Hi Daniel, I'd really like to speak to you about potentially working with you - is there any chance you could drop me an email? My address is simon[dot]byron[at]premiercomms[dot]com. We did some work on the LEGO Superman videogame and I'd like to see if we could do something similar with you at all.

  9. NIRDIAN 19 months ago | reply

    A few days ago I was in Oslo again, and so I could finally see this (damn those dirty windows though). It is amazingly immense! And really beautiful.

    Echt ongeloofelijk werk, man! :)

  10. -[Woʀgen]- 19 months ago | reply

    I was in Outland today and saw this! Amazing work! I also met Aleksander Rybak!

  11. LIZZYLEGS1 17 months ago | reply

    Hey Daniel, I too am making a lego Helms deep, I just can't seem to make the walls curve or diagonally mould into a near diamond/ circle, have you any tips or recommendations for which lego bricks you used to master such a task! Fantastic piece! :)

  12. Daniel Z "DNL" 17 months ago | reply

    Hey lizzy,
    You can make big curves by bending a wall of 1x2 bricks. Because there is a tiny amount of space between the bricks a big wall will bend. for smaller diametres i used panels and cheese slopes, here are two examples: link link

  13. Dutch Bricks 15 months ago | reply

    Sir, the amount of bricks combined with building skills you have is insane!

  14. }-jkc-{ 15 months ago | reply

    The landscaping and shaping of the buildings here are amazing!

  15. ngeisler11 7 months ago | reply

    Hey do you mind if i ask what a good place to get bulk pieces for big projects like this? How many pieces did this use roughly? And if you dont mind answering, what was the approx cost for the pieces to create this? Beautiful work though. I love it.

  16. Daniel Z "DNL" 7 months ago | reply is the place to go for bulk bricks. It's hard to calculate how much the bricks for this would cost, but probably over a thousand dollars. I think i used about 15000 pieces to build it.

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