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    1. mysterymoor 41 months ago | reply

      is this the derby square bookshop?

    2. Caution Roadie Crossing 41 months ago | reply

      What a useless waste of space this bookstore is. As a longtime Salem resident, I'm tired of the owner of this crapfest and his/her constant "going out of business" sales that are there to lure in the tourists, the waste of prime retail space on a truly crappy bookstore and the impossibility of actually finding anything in the shop.

      Makes a nice photo though.

    3. draxxx1 41 months ago | reply

      @Caution Roadie Crossing: Fuck the photograph, praise the actual BOOKSTORE. Perhaps you would prefer another coffee joint to make use of the "prime retail space?" Don't know how long you've been a Salem resident (ooh, "longtime"), but once upon a time you were a tourist, too. Like nice photographs? Go update your damn stream.

    4. mysterymoor 41 months ago | reply

      no bookstore is a waste of space.

    5. mysterymoor 41 months ago | reply

      Would you mind if I added your photo to my blog post about it? It was written by someone with no photo skills!

    6. danswenson 41 months ago | reply

      go for it, just throw in a link.

    7. mysterymoor 41 months ago | reply

      That goes without saying. Thanks!

    8. Benurs - Learning and learning... 41 months ago | reply

      Good shot! Felicitations.

    9. aprilsaur 41 months ago | reply

      Love this! saw it on Boing Boing.

    10. Miles Fischler 41 months ago | reply

      awesome location wow!

    11. DClemm 41 months ago | reply

      this is fantastic--good for you!

    12. That Snake Guy 20 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photo. I saw it on BoingBoing (and several other places, unattributed), and tracked it down to here. I used it on my recent blog post, linked back to this page. Let me know if that's not okay and I'll find a different image.

    13. MeganWadden 16 months ago | reply

      I love this place, but the owners are adamant on their no photos in the store policy, so i'm wondering how you got around that?
      I so much as held up my phone and a man shouted at me from behind a stack of books

    14. danswenson 16 months ago | reply

      I guess I just took a few pictures. He definitely couldn't see me from where i was so i guess i got lucky.

    15. Mila! Ocean Lover... 14 months ago | reply

      I saw it on tumblr....beautiful!

    16. chanysmyls97 13 months ago | reply

      bucket list; go to this bookstore one day and just spend a whole day in there<3!

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