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    Mock up of an idea I had for a game controller for Apple's iPhone.

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    1. viperfan91 86 months ago | reply

      funny i had the exact same idea. Great concept drawing

    2. whitewolfshield 83 months ago | reply

      I had a similar idea, only I have some features that would make it worth selling beyond being used only for games:
      1. stereo speakers
      2. slight rumble
      3. ergonomically placed triggers (that's a huge issue with major game system developers)
      4. wifi extender (for long distance ad-hoc gaming, plug the concept of longer ranged wifi) or bluetooth linked ad-hoc gaming
      5. slot between grips for adding a keyboard.
      6. placement of joysticks\buttons to allow for easy touch interface.
      7. sd card slot for storing extra games on the go.

      Price: $39.99 with access to a contracted release title downloadable from itunes.

    3. Touch Art 81 months ago | reply

      You should put this as an idea on Fixdit

    4. mbovett 78 months ago | reply

      I know someone who had a really good idea about how to make this even better. There doesn't even really need to be a hinge for the right side. Make that right side really thick and stable, and then just get rid of the left side. Maybe add a backing for more stability. The way this design is now, it would break so easily. If you need to keep the left side, make THAT the hinge side (the right side would connect to the dock port, the left hinge would just provide extra stability). That way, if it breaks, the thing is still useable.

    5. Daniel MacDonald 78 months ago | reply

      That is a good idea! Keep the side with the 30-pin dock connector solid, and have the other side flip up to make the controller feel solid, and look balanced.

    6. longcoldstare 72 months ago | reply

      Kudos! I had a similar idea for the iPod 5.5 generation. Essentially, the iPod would insert into a controller like a Gameboy cartridge, with just the screen exposed.

    7. longcoldstare 72 months ago | reply

      P.S. -- If the controller connected by bluetooth, you wouldn't need the dock connector.

    8. wikoogle 71 months ago | reply

      Before, this controller idea would've failed. But now, the iPhone's brand new 3.0 OS allows apps downloaded from the app store to use add on peripherals like this controller.

      There is a race right now among hardware manufacturers to be the first to create an awesome gaming peripheral for the iphone thats a hit.

      So please please post this wonderful idea is iphone forums like macrumors and touch arcade. Thank you.


      Whoever makes the iphone's first gaming addon, three requirements are must haves...

      1. The peripheral should look very sleek, flush with the phone and use the same black plastic found in the front of all iphones. iPhone owners care greatly about how thier device looks.

      2. The peripheral must have dual analog sticks/nubs. Imagine the PSP's analog nub, but on both sides. Portable gamers have been clamoring for this feature forever now, so it's about time they get it. I can't overstress how important it is the the iPhone's gaming pad has DUAL ANALOG NUBS.

      3. The peripheral must have two shoulder buttons and a solid D-Pad akin to the PSP/PS3's D-Pad to enable fighting games.

      Do these things and the peripheral will be a big hit.

      Also the smaller the add on, the better. It should be as small as humanly possible. People don't like large bulky addons. And it should have a rectangular design with curved edges identical to the iphone.

    9. Tony and Mar 71 months ago | reply

      Put me down for one of these = P

    10. whitewolfshield 68 months ago | reply

      I think overall, there should be an addon that expands and protects the iphone 1st generation. The iphone needs:
      1. Better speakers
      2. Better rumble
      3. MicoSD expandability
      4. MiniUSB slot for expansions such as
      a. GPS
      b. External Keyboard
      c. Ideas such as the picture
      d. and more of a whole list of extra addons
      5. gyroscopic sensor like Wiimotion plus

      I call it the iPhone Chubby

      The general idea is that people are using their phones for more and more things than their computers. You go ahead and cut to the chase. the iPhone is a computer. Go ahead and market with the accessories before it's too late.

    11. Saurabh Mangal 63 months ago | reply

      Add these as well:

      and if you are really smart at packing stuff like apple, then might as well add a Opisometer, Spring scale, Barometer, Anemometer, Tire-pressure gauge, Theodolite etc etc... And why not make it water proof and add a depth meter to make it the first cellphone that can be taken with you while you scuba dive.

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