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    i have too many contacts, to many pages and groups, too many messages, too many people following me purely to copy my work, i'm creating new account as easier than sorting out old one, please only follow my new account if you enjoy my work and not if you just want to take ideas, i miss flickr but it been driving me mad, hopefully this will be fresh start in flickrland :)

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    1. nitramyeldud 33 months ago | reply

      I will follow you to new account.
      I don't promise to comment much - I never know what to say!
      But I find your work fresh, disturbing, unique, technically superb and thought provoking.
      Please carry on sharing with us - we're not psycho stalkers - well only in a nice way :-)

    2. Easy Vern 33 months ago | reply

      Not all my taste but as an artist I have to really admire your creativity. Nothing else like you on flickr and I sure enjoy viewing your work.

    3. nothinonli 33 months ago | reply

      just make sure you copyright and register, your amazing work,,then go after those bastards that have been stealing...good luck and keep your chin up.

    4. 10v10 33 months ago | reply

      i'm one of your devotees, danielle.
      i will follow you wherever you go.
      i hope this new account works well for you.
      i'm sorry for your problems.

    5. pinholerenner 33 months ago | reply

      Everything we see influences our photography.It's a melting pot of ideas.you do great work I'm in!

    6. Bactrian Arts 33 months ago | reply

      I intend to follow you, even if I come across as a bit of a stalker, I don't often comment other than the odd "wonder fuel" or an "awe and then some" that's just me as usualy its all been said by the time I get to comment, your work is inspirational, original and just the right side of weird...strange that the stalkers make such big comments when provoked.....lol..oh and thank you.....

    7. nomadicguy 33 months ago | reply

      Sad that you have to do something like this..... what a wonderful world we live in. I appreciate your art so I hope you don't mind if I keep doing so?

    8. Jay Frozen Moments Photography 33 months ago | reply

      I am now following your other account. Purely because I think your art is awesome and not because I am trying to copy you. I have no idea how you even do what you do. Keep up the amazing images!!


    9. _MrQ*s_ (Marcus) 30 months ago | reply

      ohh it's always sad to see our work copied by others .... they have no creativity.... i hope it will better with your new account ....

      just a question : did you disable the downoload of your original sizes in flickr ? it could help against this kind of situation....

    10. reXraXon 30 months ago | reply

      hello, i am a new comer on flickr, just found your artwork and wanna say MARVELLOUS

    11. Orienting Response 29 months ago | reply

      Aww geez. :o( Sorry to hear people have been stealing ideas and such. You'd think with this medium it would be fairly easy to create your own style that people might enjoy. Peace.

    12. Nikola IlIev 24 months ago | reply

      BU my LAME FRIEND!

    13. ₲ѓҽҿῃ ₩įẓӓɍƌ© [deleted] 22 months ago | reply

      Would love to see you over on Ipernity...

    14. benpearse 22 months ago | reply

      Flickr definitely spawns the imataters, I do allot of landscape work and people copy my compositions that I've worked hard to get to be original. I got upset at this until my partner just said you should feel gratified that people want to copy your work, hmmm not sure but it helped. I'm very new to your site and I can see why people want to copy your work and ideas as they are truly great. Apart from closing your account and not posting online, I think people will always want to steal your ideas, but remember, you thought of it and they will never reach your standard of work. I look forward to seeing your awesome work in the future.

    15. alamme 22 months ago | reply

      Was wondering where you were.

    16. tashara_roberts 4 months ago | reply

      in art nothing is or can stay original, everything has already been done. We all wamt to think that we create original work, but the truth is someone else has already done it. Appropriation or Pastiche of your work should be taken as a compliment.

    17. ammirati.lello 3 days ago | reply

      come fai ad essere cosi brava? complimenti!!!

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