Sunrise Bellow II

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    1. Dan Belton ( No Badger Cull ) 28 months ago | reply

      I've never been sure about the reasons for culling but don't wanna open that can of worms : ) I had no idea they culled females !? Of course it's a truly breathtaking image that I'm mega-jealous of ! To be perfectly honest I see so much STUPID behaviour towards the deer at Bradgate, I dunno if it's the same in London but blokes think they're being tough by walking right up to the stags. Dog owners are by far the worst though, a minority actively target the deer with their dogs, often entering the park as darkness falls knowing they're unlikely to be caught at night. But there are signs everywhere asking people to be careful with their dogs !!!! They can be shot for chasing deer but ordinary dogwalkers don't seem to care, they're not deliberately trying to kill deer but they only call them off when I actually point the camera at them ! I could go to the police over every case I've photographed with dogs chasing deer. Sorry to go on but I'm so glad Richmond have advised people to keep their distance from the deer, I've been saying that for years but noone listens to me : ) I don't mean to be rude but the Daily Mail can kiss my arse, the agression by deer in almost all cases is due to the stupidity of people, and it's inevitable if someone is hurt by a deer the Daily Mail will call for every deer in the universe to be killed before they take our jobs and rob our houses !

      I admit I did laugh at the guy who was chased up a tree but then in almost all cases of agression in deer and cows dogs are involved. I assumed that was the case and made fun of him thinking it was his own fault, I dunno if that was the case now and it may have been a ' rogue ' stag. I ALWAYS keep my distance from the deer but there are times when they come close to you as I'm sure you're aware. It really bothers me that people don't show the deer in parks respect, although it never happens stags are capable of seriously hurting a person..........

      I appreciate that's the longest comment ever but I feel quite strongly about our deer and their welfare and have done since I was a kid : ) Still not sure about the reasons for culling though.......

    2. 28 months ago | reply

      I Totally agree with your comments and can only say that in bushy its is going to end with a death if the royal parks don't take on board that people are not reading the no feeding signs, don't keep their distance and generally don't give the dear the respect and space they need. i'm sorry to say that along with dog walkers photographers are next worst group regards getting to close and chasing them around the park. i think they need to introduce wardens in the parks at the time of the rut especially or as i say their will be a death and as you say their will then be a call to have the deer removed altogether. This will cause an outcry but we will have brought it on our selves.

      so sorry to hijack your comment stream Danni But i feel a discussion is need before a tragedy occurs. i have seen so much stupid behaviour in the past and that's one reason i
      have made no attempt to photograph the deer this year. i just wish people would leave them alone.
      it was never as bad until the autumnwatch programme that stupidly encouraged everyone go see and take pictures without considering the impact all the extra attention the deer would get.

    3. DaniConnor1995 28 months ago | reply

      Culling females is vital to keep a balanced population. I think the cull is acceptable and personally think all those protests against it are stupid. Humans irradiated their natural predators and as a consequence we have to kill the deer.

      Yeah happens n the London parks. 2 young idiots decided it would be a brilliant idea to go stroke a stag during the rut… well they were in hospital for a week. One morning in Richmond, a dog walker walked through a harem. The dog was metres away from some hinds. And the dog is lucky is didn’t get kicked or anything. I mean its common sense! I never take my dogs to deer parks during the rut. I mean its just stupid – they’re wild animals. People seem to forget that.

      The quote I used in my article means that the aggression that would usually go towards stags during the rut, is now going towards people. This is because idiots get too close, etc. there are sometimes when I have been less than 5 metres from deer but that because I’ve approached them in the right manner and stay well hidden. I have never approached a deer that close during the rut. I usually stay well away because to be honest I get a bit scared of a bellowing stag running around everywhere. No worries LONG COMMENTS ARE GOOD :)

    4. DaniConnor1995 28 months ago | reply

      When I went to Richmond Park one day, I found a really vocal stag but he didn’t have a harem. He knew I was there but I came very quietly, slowly and low down so I could get a little closer. Then this photographer came running in with a maahoosive lens and just walked right in front of me. My expression was literally :O

      Wardens are a brilliant idea. Like in safaris, a bright range rover which watches over the animals and they should have a mega phone to tell people off. No worries! Discussions are good!

    5. ironwalker 27 months ago | reply

      This is a beautiful photo Dani. Love the light's color and pose of this stag. Well done composition.
      I read your article and was impressed with your writing have a gift for it Dani. Nice info.

    6. WhiteEye2 24 months ago | reply

      Stunning shot!

    7. Imagine that. 24 months ago | reply

      Dream like. Wonderful color.

    8. Patricia Ware 24 months ago | reply

      Wow!!! What a QUALITY NATURE shot!
      You are invited to display this image and join
      Nature's Spirit (Post 1/ Award 2)

      Good Stewards of Nature

    9. birdtracker 24 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot

    10. Chris.E 23 months ago | reply

      Lovely capture.

    11. xanirish 23 months ago | reply

      Impressive!!! I would like to have a picture like this one!

    12. xanirish 23 months ago | reply

      Seen in: Amazing Wildlife Photography
       Amazing Wildlife Photography
      (Post 1 / comment 2 )

    13. 5Bellies Digiscoping 17 months ago | reply

      Great mood and comp Dani!!

    14. Pete Withers 17 months ago | reply

      A wonderful image and the comments don't detract from that

      Well done

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