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Cinderella | by [Daniela Brown Photography]
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Once upon a time there was a young girl named Cinderella. She lived a fantastic life with her father, her mother died when she was very young. When Cinderella was only twelve, her father remarried a woman, named Lady Tremaine, who had two daughters, Drizella and Anastasia. At first, it seemed as though everything was perfect. But only a year after her father's marriage, he suffered a terrible accident and died, when Cinderella was only 13.



Immediately after her father's death, she noticed a change in the demeanor of her stepmother and step-sisters. They would taunt and ridicule her daily.


you're stupid and worthless why are you even around?


Cinderella would put up with this for years. and soon started to believe the things they told her.


I'm alone, and a liar, I'm ugly, and inadequate


Not long after the abuse from her step family started, the rest of her friends and towns people joined in.


you're never enough, you're a freak, and a loser


She let these comments cut her deeper than they should. She convinced herself of all the things her "friends" and family would tell her were true.


She was convinced she deserved it, and she must have done something wrong, for this to happen.


she would sit in her room and silently repeat to herself the things she was told


you're a psycho, and you're fat and you're crazy and insane. why would you ever think you were any better than any of this?

you're fake and you're broken.


She would try to punish herself for the things she had done to deserve this, though she didn't know what exactly she had done.


She would physically and mentally harm herself daily, in secrecy.


Using knives and razors and anything she could. She would convince herself further of her worthlessness.


As she started to fall further into this thick cloud of darkness that surrounded her completely. Her closest and most loyal servant started to worry. As Cinderella would continue to try harm herself, her servant would continue to try and stop her.


Her servant would try to convince her of her self worth and beauty.


you're worth so much more than this, and you deserve much better. You've done nothing wrong, but bad things can happen to good people, for you never know if you're being tested. Through this whole time of being tormented by your family and supposed "friends" you've never blamed them. You've only blamed yourself, and you have no reason to. The people you've been surrounded by you're entire life, have hurt you deeply. Even though, you've done nothing wrong, they have tormented you, because you're an easy target, and you refuse to hurt them in return. By harassing you, they've used their pain, to cover their own flaws, and make themselves feel better. Darling, you're so much better than this. And you've done nothing wrong. You'll be okay, I promise. Trust me.



This picture has taken me over a month to shoot. All of the names that Cinderella is called by herself and others were written on my body, they were words that not only Cinderella was called, but I was too. This was an extremely personal picture for me to take, and I'm sure many other people can relate to it. It may seem as though all these things are true, they aren't. You deserve so much more than this. We don't realize the power of our words. We need to show grace towards others.



Please visit below, to learn more about getting a second chance at life, or to help join the movement in showing grace towards everyone.










I'm poor. anyone interested in prints?

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Taken on September 30, 2012