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    A month in. It seems like this is taking forever. I really need to pick up the pace... and catch up...

    "Sleeping Beauty"

    This is the first in my set called
    "Fractured Fairytales"
    This is a collab with my amazing friend Kelly♥

    Keep an eye out for her pictures♥

    Today's "Sleeping Beauty" would be one who needed to get away. The original tells us, how she was tempted into touching that wheel, and falling into a deep sleep. There are many different ways that people fall into that now-a-days. Drugs, Alcohol, Hurt...
    How many people are going to become "Sleeping Beauties" Until they realize that they cannot get away from reality? They want to spend their life in their dreams. They want to sleep and never awake. How many more will we lose? We need to reach out, and help them♥

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    1. Patty Maher 66 months ago

      gorgeous shot...hmam!

    2. Bean* 66 months ago


    3. ~nut*meg~ 66 months ago

      this is an instant fave. What you wrote is powerful.....love the Chucks!!! ;0

    4. [Daniela Brown Photography] 66 months ago

      thank you my loves<3

      For all the comments and the faves.

      They mean the world to me<3

    5. zentrinity 66 months ago

      adore this!
      fantastic dress, pose, drama and chucks!


    6. stjernesol 66 months ago

      Oooh, I LOVE that dress :)

    7. #Leilani 66 months ago

      this is so cool!! hmam

    8. Allan Saw 66 months ago

      Nice concept & execution.

    9. Vanessa Faye 66 months ago

      Wonderful! HMAM

    10. Baja Juan 66 months ago

      Nicely composed shot.... HMAM!

    11. heather ~ 66 months ago

      that dress and those shoes - perfect : ) love the bracelets too. great shot!

    12. ~tammy.j~ 66 months ago

      love this shot and the combo of dress/sneakers! HMAM

    13. ~ cynthiak ~ 66 months ago

      Love this! Great location, pose, dress and shoes!! HMAM!

    14. besu25 66 months ago

      The photo is beautiful
      please more pictures of you in the group ! !


    15. ironwalker 66 months ago

      Whoa...cool as hell!

    16. nelepaulina 66 months ago

      I like the color!

    17. Country Music :) - currently reuploading! [deleted] 65 months ago

      I love this, converse and princesses.

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