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Forest Harvesting (22) | by Disco-Dan
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Forest Harvesting (22)

Komatsu Forest’s new Valmet 901TX harvester is a true thinning expert that together with the new Valmet 840TX forwarder is part of a completely new concept for optimizing thinning work. The Valmet 901TX is a thinning expert, and TX stands for Thinning Xpert.


The new features of the harvester include Valmet’s unique balanced bogie concept and larger size tires. Together they lower the machine’s ground pressure and lessen environmental impact, which is important in thinning. Boom reach and lifting power are other important factors for effective thinning. This Valmet 901TX is equipped with a 10 m (32'10") or 11 m (36') boom boasting the greatest lifting power on the market. The generous boom tilt is also important, especially when working in steep terrain. The Valmet 901TX has extremely high ground clearance, making it easy to navigate difficult terrain littered with high rocks and stumps. Another advantage of the Valmet 901TX is its flexibility in terms of accessories, offering compatibility with several different heads, such as the Valmet 330.2 and the Valmet 350.1.


The cab of the Valmet 901TX fulfils all new ergonomic requirements demanded of modern forest machines. The generous headroom is very apparent, and the cab is both long and wide, with a seat that happily swivels a full 180 degrees. Air quality, too, is of great importance to the operator environment. The cab has a large air intake and an extra pre-filter on the air conditioning, ensuring better air in the cab. Naturally, ECC is now standard.

Combined, Valmet's integrated cab and boom design, the perfect visibility, and the unique ergonomics create the best operator environment on the market.


The Valmet 901TX also has the new version of the powerful control system, MaxiXplorer 1.4, with new features that include a function to add service reminders and greater freedom when editing crosscutting instructions. Moreover, within reason you can make any desired changes to a price list during an ongoing assignment without the need to continually create new production files. Yet another new feature of this version is full compatibility with the StanForD standard for calculating the volume of timber harvested with a multi-tree accumulator. Valmet is the first to offer such compatibility.


Harvesting Objectives

Logging is, of course, the only way to implement

objectives that focus on the generation of revenue

from timber production. However, it is also a key step

in the development of other management goals. For

example, if you wish to create new forest stands,

whether they are single-species plantations or

mixed-species multi-age natural stands, harvesting is

generally necessary to create the appropriate site

conditions (available sunlight, reduced competitive

vegetation, bare mineral soil) for the establishment

and growth of new seedlings. The type and amount of

regeneration will significantly depend on the

harvesting method that is employed. Similarly,

harvesting is necessary if you want to alter stand

structure, shapes and boundaries to create desirable

aesthetic patterns.

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Taken on January 13, 2013