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Exchange Street, Portland, Maine

I’ve been tagged by sam-i-am to tell you ten things about myself, so here they are:


1.I run nearly everyday, frequently alone and occasionally with others. It’s a favorite part of my day, which is mostly to clear my head more than any derived physical health benefit.


2.The best (and only) time to dance is when making peanut butter toast. Peanut butter is a favorite!


3.I’m bilingual (English/French) and have completed academics in both Anglophone and Francophone institutions.


4.Quebec would be the place to be if I did not live in Maine.


5.I’ve always lived along edges and in relatively remote places. These areas are where I’m most comfortable, but they don’t necessarily make me the happiest.


6.I love trees for their strength, tenacity, and endurance. Their story is there to read; comprehension through patience, life perfect through annual growth rings.


7.I love dogs for all the obvious. They are smart, good natured, feel deep affection, and project unfailing goodwill. They seldom complain and always forgive human failings. Dogs live in the moment and that always equates to fun. I wish I was more capable of following this same path.


8.Easy Rider is my favorite movie of all time; a dazzling blend of image and music. ...and I think the over-arching message found in the film still holds true today.


The Painted Desert scenes are a must see:


9.I think I have a story to share, but I’m still very unsure as to how to tell it.


10.Creativity is pervasive in my family; however, it’s something that has always scared me, being a bit I’ve felt I’ve lacked. Photography and my stream represent some of my first real steps towards a smidge of self-expression, and I feel pretty good about my results so far.


Thanks Flickr friends for taking time for me, sharing images, a smile, and perspective. It's great crossing paths and know that your photos and kind words often make my day.


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Uploaded on August 2, 2009