Late Bronze Age pottery from the region around Aiani

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    Front left, kantharos with raised pointed handles (Type A), from Sparto (Σπάρτο), 9513.
    Front right, Jug, from Sparto, 9508.
    Middle left, jug, Sparto, 9507.
    Middle right, jug, Sparto, 9510.
    Back left, flask, Sparto, 9509.
    Back right, kylix, from Saradaporo loc. Portes (Σαραντάπορο, θέση Πόρτες), 549.

    Archaeological Museum of Aiani/Αιανή (Official website; Ministry of Culture; Greek Museums Portal; Wikipedia), Kozani, Greece.

    Ancient Aiane (Pleiades; PECS; Ministry of Culture; Wikipedia)

    See B. Eder, "The Northern Frontier of the Mycenaean World" and G. Karamitrou-Mentessidi, "The Late Bronze Age in Aiani" for the wider context.

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