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2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_01 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_02 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_03 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_04 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_05 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_06 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_07 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_08 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_09 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_10 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_11 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_12 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_13 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_14 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_15 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_16 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_17 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_18 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_19 2009-10-25_Loma_Fire_20

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susinni says:

Your photography is *awesome*! I've appreciated your work / contributions re: other SC County fires (2008-09). Which led me to visit your website, where I've become -uh- "re-awed" (?)

Anyway, thank you... Consider yourself bookmarked!
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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DanDawson says:

Thank you so much susinni! I really appreciate that, I'm glad you've enjoyed my images. :-)
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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bigsurkate says:

great shots! look forward to looking at the other sets
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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