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Enclosed are various sets of images I have taken at fires around the Santa Cruz area, and now around Bend, Oregon as well.

I am primarily a wedding and portrait photographer, but photographing breaking news and fires adds a nice bit of excitement and practice in working quickly to get shots in ever changing environments.

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2015-07-03 Baker Rd Structure Fire

2015-07-03 Baker Rd...

11 photos, 2 videos

2013-06-01 Scotts Valley Wildland Fire - Geyer Rd.

2013-06-01 Scotts Valley...

5 photos, 1 video

2012-07-04 Mission Dr. Wildland Fire

2012-07-04 Mission Dr....

6 photos, 1 video

2011-10-31 Scotts Valley Structure Fire

2011-10-31 Scotts Valley...

4 photos, 1 video

2010-01-23 Felton Structure Fire

2010-01-23 Felton Structure...

16 photos, 1 video

2009-10-25 Loma Fire

2009-10-25 Loma Fire

35 photos, 1 video

Samples of Published Work

Samples of Published Work

31 photos, 1 video