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Rainbow over Ness 80 / 365

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This was taken at the first car parking spot I came to on the north coast of Loch Ness in Scotland. Weather was shocking and I needed to keep wiping rain off the lens (note to self get a lens hood!).


Just seen it's in Explore! Whoo Hoo! Thanks everyone! Highest Position 73!


Tedious link:

Trolleys are used by people shopping in supermarkets,

Supermarkets are usually out of town,

Town is often the home of the crier,

Criers do alot of shouting,

Shouting is speaking in a raised voice,

Voice is what people use for communication,

Communication is done either by spoken words

Words can be lyrics which make up songs,

Songs are many and varied and aimed at either adults or children,

Childrens songs are about basic things or mythological creatures,

Mythological creatures can be believed in and are allegedly sometimes photographed like Bigfoot, fairies and the Loch Ness monster,

The Loch Ness monster allegedly lives in Loch Ness,

Loch Ness is a very large lake and there with plenty of water,

Water can be rain,

Rain refracts light which when it is both raining and sunny over Loch Ness it creates a Rainbow over Ness....

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Taken on March 22, 2009