Frontier Danceland, Singapore: Dancers' Locker 2016
Dancers' Locker 2016 - A platform for company artistes to experiment and develop their potential as choreographers.

Choreography: Aymeric Bichon
Music: Trio Tzana, Adrien Casalis
Dancers: Christina Chan, Adele Goh, Hwa Wie-An

Uno Momento
Choreography: Adele Goh
Music: Arne Domnerus, Egil Johan-sen, Bengt Hallberg, Georg Riedel, Lars Erstrand
Dancers: Aymeric Bichon, Christina Chan, Adrian Skjoldborg, Joy Wang, Hwa Wei-An

Choreography: Hwa Wei-An
Music: Tom Holkenborg
Dancers: Aymeric Bichon, Hwa Wei-An

Choreography: Gabrielle Nankivell, Luke Smiles
Sound design: Luke Smiles
Dancers: Christina Chan, Adele Goh, Daniel Lorenzo, Adelene Stanley, Joy Wang, Hwa Wei-An

Photoshoot at Frontier Danceland Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore, 11th August 2016

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