• White Macbook 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo.
  • Free HP All-In-One (print/copy/scan)

Purchased: Macbook 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo

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  1. scottpartee 104 months ago | reply

    macbook of some variety, an HP thingy AND ripped biceps! what a deal.

  2. mathewh 104 months ago | reply

    shopping much? :)

  3. tsmyther 104 months ago | reply

    There goes the credit card....

  4. DanBenjamin 104 months ago | reply

    Best portable Apple has ever made.

  5. wide blue yonder web design 104 months ago | reply

    For a while there I was feeling pretty smug with my 17" Powerbook - but I knew this day would come. There's something better out there & I want a Macbook!!!

  6. David Demaree 104 months ago | reply

    Bought my 15" MacBook Pro *the evening before* the MacBooks came out. A colleague just got one and he's delighted and I'm so, so jealous.

  7. greg.newman 104 months ago | reply

    Hope you like it Dan. I'm lovin' my 17" MacBook Pro, but I didn't get a printer with it.

  8. cdevroe 104 months ago | reply

    Free printer huh? Dang.

  9. thepatrick 104 months ago | reply

    I did the purchasing of a MacBook for a friend back home, and it also came with a free printer. Sadly while I got to keep the printer I had to send the laptop away :(

    I'm being more and more tempted by the MB, despite the main thing I want my intel laptop for is running Aperture (which runs surprisingly well on the 1.5GHz intel core solo mac mini on my desk at work).

  10. DanBenjamin 104 months ago | reply

    You need to pick your systems up in the Apple Store to get the free printers - but it's true, a free printer comes with pretty much every Mac, any time of year.

  11. topfunky 104 months ago | reply

    Ah ha! Someone sent me this photo on my phone and I didn't know who it was. It was you!

  12. DanBenjamin 104 months ago | reply

    Or somebody who wanted you to see it.

  13. cdevroe 104 months ago | reply

    Well, I bought my Black Macbook and guess who didn't get a free printer? Perhaps I have to ask for it? Cuz I didn't get one, nor was offered one.

  14. DanBenjamin 104 months ago | reply

    If you got it from the Apple Store, you should have gotten one. Dan Cederholm got his last night, and was offered a free printer.

  15. Matthew Anderson 104 months ago | reply

    I can't wait to get mine!

  16. cdevroe 104 months ago | reply

    Damn. This really sucks. Though in some ways I'm glad because HP absolutely blows. I guess that is why they can give them away, since you'll be spening $60 for ink.

  17. jtt 104 months ago | reply

    Did you consider the black Macbook? I am getting ready to purchase one and cannot decide on color.

  18. DanBenjamin 104 months ago | reply

    cdevroe: You had a choice between 2 free printers (HP or Canon), or $100 off a bunch of others.

    jtt: Yeah, I considered the black one, but I didn't like it as much as white.

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