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Walk on Water II | by Dan Ballard Photography
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Walk on Water II



You really wouldn't think it would be that difficult to get a picture of a cowboy riding through some water right?? I mean, all you have to do is find a cowboy and some water and have him ride through it while you take pictures. I am here to tell you it is difficult. Finding the cowboy is not that easy to start off with, and when do you, then you have to convince him he wants his picture taken. (some cowboys are still stubborn about that) Then you have to find some water. Once that is accomplished you have the task of trying to get your cowboy to actually ride Through the water. This part is tough. Not only is it a little scary and dangerous (not major concerns for most cowboys) but it involves getting both the horse and saddle extremely dirty and means hours of clean up after. After you've begged, pleaded, and swayed the cowboy into hitting the water full speed while swinging a rope you can start taking pictures. Getting a shot with all the bits and pieces in the right place however, is about as hard as all of the above. I laid down on my stomach by the side of the pond with my wide angle lens and the camera on continuous mode and took pics like mad. Luckily the cowboy was crazy and ran though the pond about 4!!


If you own a D700 and are wondering if it is water proof, it is!! I was completely soaked head to toe, and of course so was my trusty Nikon. Of the 50 or so shots I took this shot was the only one that was close to perfect in terms of horse posture, rope position and composition.


Thank you Blake!!!! (aka the cowboy)


I had this shot blown up to 5 feet on canvas. It looks amazing at that size!!!


This is somewhat of a re-post, but it's so different I'm not really calling it one.


Thanks for taking a look, and have a great day!



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Taken on May 26, 2010