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is this a dream? | by Dan André Photography
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is this a dream?



Canon 5d Mark II

Canon 17-40mm

Lee soft gnd 0.9

Lee hard gnd 0.6

ISO 200, 21mm, f/16, 1/2'

Manuel focus using Live view where I zoom in 100%

One RAW file processed in Photoshop CS5


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Photographers view


Only two times I’ve been up early to photograph the sunrise. I don’t like the mornings, I’m more of an evening-person.

But I’ve wanted to get up early for a while. I live on the east coast so I have to shoot the sunrise if I want the sun over the ocean.

So this was my third sunrise. The two previous ones haven’t been the best sunrises so I really hoped for a great one this time! It was partially overcast and it seemed to be perfect conditions. Even though, the sunrise never turned out to be spectacular.

But I got to shoot directly into the sun which I’m not used to, so that sure was a lot of fun!

My first shots I used a Green*l nd8 + my two Lee nd grads (0,6 and 0,9), and of some reason those images turned out really bad! So I cut out the nd8 and got some better images after that.

I’m not entirely happy with any of the photos from this session, but I learned a lot and I found many great spots to visit later for both sunrises and sunsets.

As I was standing here, lots of birds flew across the sky and a beaver or otter (ore something) came swimming towards me. It was dead silent, just me and the nature. A great experience!


The photograph


I’m generally trying to aim for a natural look in my images. This one kind of turned out a little more fairytale’ish than I prefer. Don’t know why, because I didn’t process this one very hard. The tide was low so all of the textures and colours from under the surface appeared and gave me plenty of possibilities to compose a few shots.

Off all the images I took, I think this is the one I’m the most happy with. I like the contrast between the silent water in the pool and the motion in the ocean. I if you look closely enough, there are some sunrays here as well ;)


The location


This place is awesome. It’s really a paradise for a photographer with plenty of opportunities. This is the place I shot attacked by the sea a little while ago.

The location is an about 7 minute drive from my home and this is also where my family has a cottage which we use a lot during the summer.

This place is a really great place to shoot when there are a lot of waves. Plenty of opportunities to get some splashes!


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Taken on May 9, 2011