3rd Animal Rescue Trip - New Orleans - "Operation Bring Animals Home"
Most of you folling my photostreams are aware of the two previous trips to New Orleans and Gulfport, MS area I have made. I thought I had seen some horrible things, which i had. The two of them together can begin the equal the horrible things I saw on this trip. I went down as part of "Operation Bring Animals Home". We had a four team and were out for Search and Rescue. Please...there are some pictures that might be upsetting. There are stories regarding dogs shot in high schools. Some of those pictures are included. We were at two of the high schools that this happened in. Please do not start rumours. No one had been convicted as of yet. The reasons this happened are not known. I just know that if this was done out of hate, I hope whoever did this pays. I have some very graphic photos of the dogs that I will not put on, but will give yall an idea of what it was like being there. We are planning another trip. We are in need of donations, gas and supplies are expensive. If you are interested email me at danakay2@aol.com and I will give you information. thanks
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