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LA Railway: California State "Admission Day Sept. 9, 1850", 1935

California was admitted to the Union after a long, loud, fight over the question of whether it should be admitted as a slave state. The paper, "How California Came to be Admitted," by Rockwell D. Hunt, Ph. D, reported:


"'The Californian of March 15, 1848, says:


“'We entertain several reasons why slavery should not be introduced here. First, it is wrong for it to exist anywhere. Second, not a single instance of precedence exists at present in the shape of physical bondage of our fellow men. Third, there is no excuse whatever for its introduction into this country (by virtue of climate or physical conditions). Fourth, Negroes have equal rights to life, liberty, health and happiness with the whites. Fifth, it is every individual’s duty, to self and to society, to be occupied in useful employment sufficient to gain self-support. Sixth, it would be the greatest calamity that the power of the United States could inflict upon California. Seventh, we desire only a white population in California. Eighth, we left the slave states because we did not like to bring up a family in a miserable, can’t-help-one’s-self condition. Ninth, in conclusion we dearly love the ‘Union,’ but declare our positive preference for an independent condition of California to the establishment of any degree of slavery, or even the importation of free blacks.'”


Pass displayed on a page from the 5th annual "Paper Issue" of PRINT magazine, published July-August 1962.

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Taken on September 11, 2011