Home Run Lights in Astrodome

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Of course, it's always great when your team hits a home run. But in keeping with "everything is bigger in Texas" (& tackier too), the Dome kicked off this huge, loud, sign everytime an Astro hit a homer!

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  1. Rex Enigma 94 months ago | reply

    It lost all it's character as a baseball field when they ripped it out. Nice one.

  2. B_McMahon 93 months ago | reply

    this is so cool. i love baseball.

  3. SewcialButterfly 91 months ago | reply

    MY GOD! Not only are you making me feel homesick, you are making me feel OLD!

  4. danagraves 91 months ago | reply

    I fell in love with the Astros in 1986 (the date of this photo is actually 1984), & attended 62 home games. Looking at these photos makes me feel old too (sorry!), but also prompts some good memories.

    I will never forget the 16-inning playoff game against the Mets. My baseball buddy & I were exhausted (& hoarse) after the last out (by Kevin Bass)....

    Agree that the Astrodome was full of character, more than the current stadium. The team back then also attracted lots of very fun (& knowledgeable), hard-core fans...
    NOTE updated game date (& year of photo), kindly provided by bostonsalvo below. Have edited first sentence above to reflect that correction.....

  5. Pug! 87 months ago | reply

    goodness. are they actually animated as well?!?

  6. danagraves 87 months ago | reply

    Not truly animated, but individual lights are turned on & off in patterns that mimic movement. The big bull's eyes blinked, his nostrils flared, the flags on his horns waved. The cowboy's rope circleed around & the running bull's nostrils flared fire & his tail wagged.

    This sign displayed other images besides the home run brag, of course. You can see the light layouts in the original size.

  7. ForeignSausage 86 months ago | reply

    As a kid, I used to go to sporting events just to see the scoreboard systems, and if they had something like this in Philly, I would have gone to more! I remember the Astrodome's scoreboard from seeing it on tv, and it had a uniqueness about it without the present-day plasma screen nonsense found in arenas nationwide. And the font is truly old-school! Very reminiscent of the old monochrome board in Texas Stadium - no colors but animated and still fascinating. Great photo!

  8. mlsnp 79 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Neon Houston, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  9. bobster855 [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lost Ballparks, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  10. sds70 69 months ago | reply

    That was the best scoreboard ever !!!!!!!!

  11. danagraves 69 months ago | reply

    Totally agree! SO iconically Houston....

  12. ForeignSausage 63 months ago | reply

    Okay, I viewed the original-sized photo and saw the bulb layouts. My question is, is this board still there or did it meet with a dumpster? Many thanks for posting, BTW.

  13. danagraves 50 months ago | reply

    I'm not positive what happened to all the component parts. But the great scoreboard was taken down during the Dome's remodeling. Here's a description from Glasstire (Texas visual art online):

    "The end began when Bud Adams threatened to move the Oilers unless he got more seats, so more seats and less multicolored light bulbs he got, and then the a-hole moved the team anyway. And now the entire building isn’t fit to hold real drunken cowboys, much less awesomely gigantic, animated dancing ones."

  14. goodgran 50 months ago | reply

    Dana, please accept my apologies. I found your wonderful photo with the Creative Commons search function and neglected to credit you properly with the photo. I also neglected to credit the other photographer, too. No excuse for my sloppiness.

    This has been fixed, and here is a link to the new and improved article:



  15. danagraves 50 months ago | reply

    Really appreciate your making the change!

    It was a delight to see my photo used elsewhere. And your article is quite a good read.

  16. bostonsalvo 46 months ago | reply

    danagraves, your memory is getting foggy in your old age.

    That picture was taken Sept. 16, 1984, not in 1986.

    Here is the game:

  17. danagraves 46 months ago | reply

    Well, thanks for pointing out my mistake in such a definitive way.

    I only went to a few games in 1984 because I was in law school. All that studying kinda cut into my spare time.

    Did attend lots more games in 1986 after I graduated tho. And got to see that great (but such a hard loss), 16-inning NLCS game against the Mets.

    Must be how I got the date wrong for this photo....

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