Light Infantry Grid Runner (LIGR) 66

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    The Light Infantry Grid Runner (LIGR) is my own take on a future fighting vehicle, in the style of the JLTV. I felt that my Iron Mountain Legion theme needed a small scout vehicle, akin to a Jeep or Humvee. Arguably, the name is a bit of a reach, but once I'd decided to put "Light Infantry" in the name, I couldn't help but try to name it Liger. While this is a post-apocalyptic theme, every apocalypse has a before-time, and these were clearly designed to run on or across a highway grid girding what would become the wasteland. Yeah, that's the ticket, it's a Grid Runner.

    I thought that it was important to make it capable, and fun to play with, so I started by building a chasis with suspension. From there, I tried to add the usual visual style of the theme, so the model is a little tall and oversized, and, obviously, dark gray. In further pursuit of playability, I added working doors and tail hatches, and a nest on the roof.

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    1. ted @ndes 46 months ago | reply

      Awesome build... and it appears from this "after" picture that it flattens hazmat figures with ease. =)

    2. Kazres 46 months ago | reply

      nicely done!! pretty well looking!!

    3. The Slushey One 45 months ago | reply

      how is this achieved?

    4. Happy Weasel 45 months ago | reply

      With a spring suspension piece from the 90s.

    5. The Slushey One 45 months ago | reply

      that? or is it a technic spring piston, sorry if im being naggy about it, but Im studying suspension, I want to find as many techniques as possible

    6. Happy Weasel 44 months ago | reply

      Sorry, didn't see this until now. Yes, that bit.

    7. The Slushey One 44 months ago | reply

      very clever, thank you

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