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    Five Finger Death Punch live in the academy dublin playing support to Lamb Of God
    * Ivan "Ghost" Moody – Vocals

    couple of suggestions made to improve this image. and lets be honest whats the point of asking your peers opinions if you aint going to listen!

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    1. gabi porter 109 months ago | reply

      I like this a lot better, but now I think the midtones/shadows are too high. That haze behind him looks less mysterious than it did before and more like just noise.

    2. Peio Agirre argazkiak 109 months ago | reply

      wow great.!!!!!!!
      best wishes from the basque country

    3. Charlie Eddington 109 months ago | reply

      It's a cool shot, hence the fave. I reckon there's a bit too much of a contrast between the darkness around the crowd and the lighter haze in the middle though. The guys expression is awesome.

    4. gabi porter 109 months ago | reply

      ooooh! did you re-fix this and replace? looking really good.

    5. Damien james O'Farrell 109 months ago | reply

      Yep , went back to the NEF and spent a bit more time making the adjustments. went back to the mode of getting other snappers work ready for press!
      Thanks for all the advice on this Gabi, I really appreciate it!

    6. gabi porter 109 months ago | reply

      glad to help!

    7. Episode Phive 109 months ago | reply

      Music Photo's Greatest Money Shots! 4/5 points.

      I love the action in this shot! Yowza!

      All the Best,

    8. Bobin James 109 months ago | reply

      Absolutely brilliant! Like this better than the blue one.

    9. Prokura 109 months ago | reply

      i liked the coloured version better.... don't like the attitude of the guy.. he looks somehow arrogant to me... but the photo is cool.

      And I always like pics with crowd or stage or anything else but only a close up of a singer.... (which are often boooooring)

      Music Photo's Greatest Money Shots! 4,3/5 points.

    10. sriganeshl 108 months ago | reply

      The B&W version here works well. The light and shadows here work very well with just right amount of light highlighting his face and the outstretched hands nicely, with respect to the rest of the photo. Composition-wise I really like it, him nicely positioned to one side against the hands of the crowd on the other. The bokeh works quite well too with just the right amount of detail in the background crowd. Obviously the noise in the background is a tad distracting. I didn't realize that the D700 would bring in that much of visible noise at ISO 1600. I agree with the earlier comments on the guy's expression - its great. I disagree with the comment on the haze in the middle though and I actually like it quite a bit. It adds to the overall mood. Despite the noise, I think this great work (hence the fav).

    11. sillymunky-Chris 108 months ago | reply

      This is an great photo. The B&W is great and makes this photo one to remember. I think the noise in the background is great. I think it adds to the feel it show the atmosphere that you capture the photo in. I don't think there is anything you can do to improve the photo

    12. psstpacs 108 months ago | reply

      i like this photo as well.. the composition is great, leaves alot to the imagination.. and it captures the expression of the subject very well. the shadows, directional lighting. all good. yea, there is some noise in the background in the crowd area, but i dont see it as detracting much from the photo. one of the better "concert" shots i've seen. well done.

    13. lukeoverhere 108 months ago | reply

      I'm really liking this shot. The subject captured in the shot is well complemented with the hands of the audience in the air. The transition from the subject to the background is also well done. It's not too harsh where it would be overly dramatic, but not to bright that they just meld in. As for the grain/noise, i feel like it actually adds character to the shot, giving it more of a "rough" mood to complement the concert.
      I applaud you on capturing this shot.

    14. Jaredistakingphotos 108 months ago | reply

      There are aspects of this shot that I like, I really do. And for a low light situation the details captured are really good. But I do have a few suggestions. I'd play with the composition a bit. Though I like being able to see two portions of the crowd, one behind and one in front of the front man, I do think the profile aspect is a little weak. I'd like to see him more face on, so that I could get a better sense of him. I think that for a low light shot, this is obviously going to show noise. I'd suggest maybe using color to distract from the noise, black and white seem to show it more often, or maybe I focus on it a bit too much. Also, it's hard I know, but the light on him is a bit over exposed. I'd try and dial that down a bit too. Good shot.

    15. SpeakerX 108 months ago | reply

      Music Photo's Greatest Money Shots! 4/5 points.

      I think this is a great shot. I think if you isolated the singer and the front crowds hands by burning the distant crowd to black it would very likely increase the impact! Great job.

    16. cake.x 105 months ago | reply

      I love the light mostly. I bet it is pretty hard to get the best light when shooting live gigs but this is amazing. The light on the hands of the fans, on the musician and on his back as well. This all creates mood like being there. The tense of the fans, even fans making the background.
      This is just helluva good capture. One of a kind.

      The post process is spot on. B&W and film grain add to the picture dramatic gradation.
      Anything to criticize here.

      Very well done!

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