32 hour road trip

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    Near Hermiston, OR.

    A half day of work on Friday, followed by getting aimless in eastern Washington and Oregon. My friend Griz and I took a picture or two. This is what one of them(120 Portra) looks kinda like, and also how this one actually looks. The film is going to the lab monday morning and I can't wait to get it back.

    Graflex XL
    Tessar 100mm
    Fuji FP-100C instant

    1. Dead Slow 36 months ago | reply

      Pretty damn awesome.

    2. Wil Wardle 36 months ago | reply

      fantastic image

    3. k.e.k. 36 months ago | reply


    4. Button2PushButtons 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks! We actually stopped here to disconnect the horn(a wire came loose and caused the horn's circuit to stay closed). I wish maybe there was a bit less exposure, but it's a polaroid. Best pack I've had that I can remember. Six good shots, and it should've been eight, but the shutter on the Graflex didn't want to fire properly for two(and mysteriously, only those two) shots.

    5. greenthumb_38 36 months ago | reply

      This says Pete Turner all over it. Very well done !!
      ~ jeff likes this one and calls it a favorite

    6. Peter Keyngnaert (pkeyn) 36 months ago | reply

      Splendid colour scheme, love the mood this evokes!

    7. toleman.hart 36 months ago | reply

      superb composition, what a great mood!

    8. holloway steve 36 months ago | reply

      it's a beauty all right

    9. Button2PushButtons 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone. I'm glad I shot this. My 220 back sprung a leak on this and a couple other shots. I might've liked this a bit more anyhow.

    10. Stacysparkle 36 months ago | reply

      Nice composition & tones! Have a good weekend!

    11. Joel E Gomez 36 months ago | reply

      Hey - I just started a new blog/online magazine which I will be curating (will be launched later this week) but my Flickr pool is open. Would love to have this in there.


    12. Badenfocus 36 months ago | reply

      Wonderful work.

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