Los Vinos de Dali 2017
Amy B. Nestor captured these photos of the exceptional wines and delectable food & the expanded festivities --
which included Florida wineries, craft beer breweries, distilleries, a Los Vinos de Dali specialty cocktail and non-alcoholic beverages, plus new & more restaurants: Bavaro’s, Bayou Catering, Cafe Gala, Castile at Hotel Zamora, Chill Restaurant & Bar, Cigar City, Classical Wines, E&E Stakeout, FarmTable Kitchen, Florida Orange Groves, Hawkers, Kahwa, Kozuba & Sons Craft Distillery, Kraft Cafe, Land O’ Lakes Winery, Lolita’s Urban Wine Market, Masciarelli Wine Co., Michael’s On East, Moon Under Water, Prittie Nuts, Proper, Puff n Stuff, SeaSalt, San Sebastian Winery, Square 1 Burgers, Swa-Rey, The Birchwood, The Mandarin Hide, Time for Wine, Uptick Winery, Vom Fass & Wine Madonna.
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