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Sales people, by and large, has a humble reputation. When people think of someone in the sale, they think of sales clerks in department stores , used car sales, and other examples of low-level. This is unfortunate because actually, sales and marketing is the lifeblood of the company. Without them we would be economy to a grinding stop coming. Sales and marketing is a central and important part of the business, and understanding sales and marketing is one of the main areas of business studies.

We all have heard that if you build it they will come, and that the world will beat a path to your door if you build a better mousetrap. Unfortunately, for the most part it is not true. If nobody knows you're built, no one will come, even if you are indeed a better mousetrap building. The world of business is full of examples where better products failed due to a lack of marketing and corporate strategy. On the other hand, there are a lot of mediocre products that came to pass, and dominate as a result of good marketing.

Successful marketing, basically, means a company the right product to have the right price at the right place and making sure customers know. It sounds simple in theory, but it is not so simple in practice. Besides a good knowledge of marketing principles, it often boil down to where and how a company's resources to utilize. If a company spends most of his money on product development and little on sales and marketing, it is likely to fail. On the other hand, if the majority is spent on sales and marketing efforts and there is not a good product to back up the claims, it will be so good. What is needed is a good balance. Often, businesses find themselves in a classic "Catch-22" situation where they need marketing to sell, but they must first be sold to pay for marketing.

When studying marketing, can students and teachers both benefit from real life examples of successful marketing. It helps with the identification of all the components involved, as the product (one that works and occupation), a proper price point (low enough for people to buy, but high enough to make a profit ), the time and place (the product must be where the client wanted), and marketing to the appropriate target group (focusing on people who tend to buy). It is also important to realize that good marketing is not just for physical products such as breakfast cereal, but also many other things people are willing to pay. Manchester United, for example, is a product that relies on the same principles of sales and marketing, like any other product.

What it boils down to is that all of the students preparing for their GCSEs to people working for or running, a company must know at least the basics of marketing. In more advanced business studies, it also includes market planning, research, strategies, techniques, models, segmentation, surveys, and prices. It also requires a level of knowledge of product life cycles, customer service, leadership and communication. There are many cases theory resources on the web that explain trade principles, and many of them are free. Make use of them. Without sales and marketing, modern society as we know it can not exist.

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Uploaded on June 14, 2017