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254/365 if you have a passion, do it. What ever makes you happy, really. | by Daisy Lockitt [Photography]
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254/365 if you have a passion, do it. What ever makes you happy, really.

I have been so happy with my views lately! one day I had 1,800 views overall and only a few days later ive dropped back down to 100. Even though this is still not the worst but its a shame to see the little line point down on the my stats. This said, it makes me want to try and get "that" picture that made my views go up so im trying a little bit more! I do love a photography based challenge. Photography is the only thing that makes me feel accomplished with my life and that i have achieved something that i didnt ever think i could do makes me so proud of myself!


So I finally became year 11. It's the last year of school and at the end of this year I have all of those exams which tell me what kind of future i'll have. If you're clever or maybe should have concentrated more.. School really doesn't intrest me and the way im going, i dont think it will have that same excitment every day it had when i was 10 or 12. Nowadays the only reason i want to go in and have a smile on my face is that my very best friends are there and Adam! I want to have my learning enthusiasm back but im just so tired of all this..


The other day i went to get some pictures printed out for a mail exchange and the lady behind the counter at Boots genuinly loved my photographs and she knew my second name and found my mom previously and wanted to see me. When i met her she was so friendly and really nice. She said how if you have a talent you should do it. She said I should put some pictures into an exhibition and there i go thinking how she should see some of the other photographers on flickr and how amazing and inspirational they are. They should have their work on display (anywhere that isnt for a day in a church in the middle of staffordshire) not me. I was still so pleased and inspired what she said and it made me so so happy to hear i have a fan who works in Boots.


"if you have a passion, do it. What ever makes you happy, really.


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Taken on September 9, 2011