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    1. bendziuba 96 months ago | reply

      Looks hard to fit in your wallet...

    2. leah_demeter 91 months ago | reply

      i think this is not a business card but a coaster. nice coaster, terrible "business card" if that's what it is.

    3. Xavier Encinas [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      love it. One of my client is very interesting in making one like this. ;-)

    4. cinema_juggs 89 months ago | reply

      one of a kind. still.

    5. elliottcable 86 months ago | reply

      I like it. Business cards don't need to fit in your wallet. Nobody's going to keep YOUR card in their wallet; if they did so, they'd have a wallet full of cards. However, they may keep this on their desk.

      Also, you don't need to carry 100 'cards' around - just two or three. You could have a hundred on your desk, though (-:

      This is one of those things where somebody 'got it right', imho.

    6. Ambrosiia 85 months ago | reply

      some people have no idea what a good business card is. I agree. Business cards are not for wallets, and it's not at all terrible.

    7. lisaeaton 85 months ago | reply


    8. while the sun shines 84 months ago | reply

      business cards definitely aren't limited to wallets these days . . . this design is thought provoking. i agree with elliottcable, somebody
      'got it right'

    9. dani_sbno1 82 months ago | reply

      I wonder how you get something like this printed or made

    10. *...Mica...* 82 months ago | reply

      ótimas idéias, cartões muito criativos. Parabéns!

    11. owen20three 79 months ago | reply

      completely disagree with the 'got it right' comment - bus cards might not be kept in wallets nowadays, but what about the poor guy who goes on a business conference and has to carry around a load of them to give out to contacts - does he carry them round in a plastic bag? bus cards have to be portable, for the bus card owner, not just the recipient.

    12. lizzieanne2 76 months ago | reply

      If anyone wants to have one done for themselves, check with me - that's what I do. If you need something with your name, logo or anything else, give me a shout.


    13. enriquedrag 70 months ago | reply

      how much does it cost to make one thousand of these????

    14. gie_npkgnda 68 months ago | reply

      It is really nice. I am interested please contact me. I need only 200 pcs.

    15. Grosz Co Lab 62 months ago | reply

      One of my favourites.... Just got myself a Pantone® Coffee Mug

    16. Payton55 59 months ago | reply

      I love this card and I'd like to have some made for my business please contact me also.

    17. Pinkograf by Pinkard 51 months ago | reply

      nice nice nice! I love perspex and all plexiglass! Have a look at my photogallery.
      Plastic business cards
      metal business cards
      wood business cards
      cardboard business cards
      and this is on flickr:

    18. RebRuizPhotog 37 months ago | reply

      what is your website?

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