L1007418 Merry Christmas, Peace and Goodwill for All. (heliopan filter dark blue KB15 -2 4x)

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    Recently for the last week the air has been filthy dirty in east China. But actions that contribute march on. Its like an old saying "the dogs bark but the troops continue to advance". This is a plant that I pass by each day on my way to work - these types of plants are abundant in China. I am not criticizing China but the world. The things we enjoy there is a price that is paid and this is just a demonstration. In the west we critizise this action but the reality is we really just moved the garbage to the neighbors yard, we didn't really solve it. "out of sight out of mind". I see things that are against the law in the USA but in China I see the same US companies do what is against the law in America but they can get by with it in China - they didn't learn they just complied and when no ones looking or cares the industries go back to the old state. So this issue is global and everyone has a responsibility to help China to rectify these issues - not to point fingers because everyone is contributing to this action in some way by how you spend money and on what you spend your money on. In a way it is a vote in favor for the current situation - words mean nothing, follow the money. Merry Christmas

    Please no glossy awards, scripted comments and thumbnails back to your own work. If you want to comment let me know what you liked, didn't like or some sort of input for improving. Either by email or comments. And I will reciprocate.

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    1. towering crown [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

      Merry Christmas to you too, Dai Luo. I fully agree with your words, we are all responsible for this, the world no longer works in individual pieces but in a whole, connected wheel of interests.
      Oh! And coming back to your picture, great composition and toning, it really is a powerful image in itself!

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