my Mom's baby quilt, after Gabriel Orozco
My mom likes to make a quilt for each grandchild. As we were sweating over what design to go with and our--ok, my--ingracious inability to get enthused about the traditional quilty patterns was probably getting on her nerves, I had an idea.

I took out some prints I'd gotten in Paris almost ten years ago. They're by the artist Gabriel Orozco, for a project he did with the agnes b. gallery. They're just newsprint, originally free editions, but I suspect their fragility has made them kind of rare now.

Anyway, Orozco filled each side of a little folio with twice the number of rectangles as the previous side, a simple mathematical progression that created wonderful graphic results.

My mom took the concept and ran with it, incorporating a few striped pieces [probably because she was skeptical of the all solid idea], and putting a Paul Smith-lookin' border on it.

The grid turned out really well, both to make, and as a finished quilt. And after seeing those Orozco prints out again, we decided to have them conserved and framed for the nursery. Cost a freakin' fortune, but then again, they WERE free.
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