Orange Juliep

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    1. bitterforever 109 months ago | reply

      wtf...never seen/heard of it before. I guess i didn't get much out of montreal, the city...

    2. lmnop88a 109 months ago | reply

      I remember seeing it like ONCE and totally forgot about it. We were a bit lost getting out and W was like, "how can you not know? Didn't you live here for 4 yrs?"

      I didn't get out of the city!!

    3. lauraldehyde 109 months ago | reply

      i can't believe you guys made it all the way out here! my least favorite neighborhood in montreal... and the raw-egg orange juice is nauseating!

    4. lauraldehyde 109 months ago | reply

      oh this is laura by the way

    5. lmnop88a 109 months ago | reply

      I was staying with my friend and his g/f's place, which is out in Lasalle. I had my car with me and we were having dinner in that area, so he showed us this place. It's pretty good. I don't mind it. Is it really raw-egg?

      Yea, I figured it was Laura based on your name. haha. Good to see you here.

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