Cotdoussan, 2010-09-11
This Saturday evening, I arrived in Arrodets (south-east of Lourdes) and set up to photograph the interior of the church (which to my surprise was open). A lady appeared and took interest in what I was doing, then suggested I must absolutely see the church at Cotdoussan, where there is an altarpiece of historic value. After some discussion with a neighbour who arrived (it was almost time for evening mass), she explained how to find Cotdoussan. 'Ask at the house under the church and a very talkative lady will show you the piece.'
I reluctantly backtracked (wanting to get home before dark), found Cotdoussan, found the church, asked at a house below the church, was redirected to another house, and voila! Despite trying to seem reluctant (the sun was now setting), she opened the church and began to tell me the fascinating story of this astounding work, which made me burst out laughing as I stepped through the doors. I laughed in utter amazement - the piece is wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling in what is not a particularly small church. I believe my guide said there are pews for 360 people.
Surprisingly, the Internet yields very little information about the church or the altarpiece. I have appended what I could find.
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