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Strange: outside of one's previous experience; hitherto unknown; unfamiliar: strange faces; strange customs.


That’s one of the words that its in my description vocabulary for the event this year.


It was a difficult year. A lot of work and not enough help. And the Weather was, although for short periods of time, extremely harsh with its 50-80mph Dust Storms, it was tough. When the Weather kicked in. IT KICKED THE F*CK IN. It literally kicked the S*it out of us. I mean Flattened Us. Brought us to our Knees in a sense. Just Drained us of all our Life Energy.


I arrived on Sunday to help secure Camp Grounds and that mission was accomplished very well. We had the Perfect Amount of Space for all of us (60 people) to do our thing.

Arrived on Sunday and did not open up my Camera until Thursday. That’s 5 Days without me making a Click on the Shutter. That fact just boggles my mind and highlights to me how much I missed. Last year I took close to 2,000 shots. This year, 250. Sad for me. Totally did not spend enough time on my own.


I missed out on Camp Canuckistans Hockey Game. I really wanted to win the Xeni Cup and bring it home to San Jose from these Crazy Calgary Boys. But didn’t get the Chance.

Playing Hockey in the Desert would have been a pleasure. I guess it will have to wait till next year.


And then UBERZONE. The Main DJ I wanted to see. Also missed out. Unbelievable.

The hockey game was mainly attributed to the Weather. I don’t even know if the game happened. But UBERZONE? How the hell did I miss him? He was up on Wednesday night. Somehow I missed him.


A tough year but it had a great big Learning Curve which is great. Because next year will be 1000% different and I look forward to that.


Great Art as usual. Could only enjoy it on Saturday Morning - which the Bulk of these pictures are from. Rode out on the bike and explored the Playa. Its sooo damn Big. Half a day is not even close to enough.


Best Set: Treavor from MoonTribe. Ohhh. Good Stuff Treavor. TH-BUMP, TH-BUMP, TH-BUMP.


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Taken on September 25, 2007