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    This is my first Customized Desktop.
    I kept it simple and clean.
    I wanted something inspiring yet beautiful enough t frame it

    I made a video tutorial

    I used the following

    The wallpaper here

    The Object Dock to replace the taskbar (Auto Hide) here
    With the Token Icon Set here

    RocketDock as a sidebar with web-apps and shortcuts (Auto Hide) here
    With actual iOS and other icons from many other Flurry-styled packs at DeviantArt here

    The Rainmeter system management and configuration tool for Windows for the weather, time, date, and search bar widgets around the screen. here

    The Encoded skin for Rainmeter, for the time and weather. here

    The iPhone Clock skin for Rainmeter, for the date. here

    The GoogleBar skin for Rainmeter, for the search bar (80% Fade In Transparency) here

    Plus, I was going to use fences. but ultimately I just got rid of all the desktop icons and hack myself into keeping it clean.

    Hope you like it.

    (If you want to recreate this, and the name of the month is just to long ex. December or September, you can substitute in the format the "%B" for a "%b")

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    1. Hexidecimal 26 months ago | reply

      If this is what Windows 8 looked like out of the box, I'd use it every day.

    2. d_carr 26 months ago | reply

      Thanks, I felt Windows 8 was stale and fridgid so... i made it beautiful

    3. woollyjumperjon 25 months ago | reply

      That is awesome

    4. d_carr 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you. Glad you liked it.

    5. srikk22 25 months ago | reply

      nice and clean

    6. jdutia83 24 months ago | reply

      Hi Carr, Can you post your rainmeter theme online?

    7. androidblood 24 months ago | reply

      Any chance you can post the .ini files you used to get the font, colour etc on the date, time and weather?


    8. d_carr 24 months ago | reply

      Sorry, i don't have the time right now to make a complete theme, but here's exactly what I'm using -> cl.ly/0b1T0x2d2h1O0E3f433g

    9. d_carr 24 months ago | reply

      Here -> cl.ly/0b1T0x2d2h1O0E3f433g
      It's customized for MY specific needs; hope it helps

    10. BrentonWinning 24 months ago | reply

      Do you maybe have a guide on how to set this up? I'm new to all these programs, and whilst not completely computer retarded I still don't really understand what I'm doing. I'm sure I could figure it out by myself eventually. Just wondering though.

    11. moffattz1000 24 months ago | reply

      wonder how to make the time not "squished together" like so: imgur.com/8phxJ

    12. d_carr 24 months ago | reply

      Install the fonts in the folder -> cl.ly/0b1T0x2d2h1O0E3f433g and then refresh skin

    13. moffattz1000 24 months ago | reply

      nice, thanks!

    14. d_carr 24 months ago | reply

      I made this precise video on how to replicate the desktop here -> youtu.be/SOdGYKIFyM8

    15. BabyDinosaur 24 months ago | reply

      This is fantastic. Thanks for posting this. It's on all my desktops now. :)

    16. d_carr 24 months ago | reply

      Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.

    17. G . 16 months ago | reply

      Beautiful and inspiring desktop, thanks for sharing!

    18. d_carr 16 months ago | reply

      thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

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