Glory!... Palace of King Akbar, India

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Muslim, Indian, and Western historians all see Akbar as the greatest ruler of Indian history. When his father, Humayun, died in 1556, Akbar became padshah ("ruler of the empire") at the age of thirteen. Under the guidance of Bairam Khan, who had been instrumental in Humayun's reconquests of Panipat, Dehli, and Agra, Akbar instantly began seizing more territory throughout Hindustan. Bairam Khan fell from power in 1560, but Akbar continued his conquest of India and Afghanistan. By the time he died in 1605 (his reign, 1556 to 1605, corresponds almost exactly to that of Elizabeth I of England), his Empire was greater than that of Babur and included almost all of northern India.


Life is an endless stage of our act!

We all do our part…
We all leave the stage,

How enchanting if your act is the one…
The one commanding a standing ovation…

"Cyrus H. Mafi Copyright 2008"

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    This really is a great pic!
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    btw....what a magnificent sky you have captured here!

  9. Fran Durillo 70 months ago | reply

    It´s a beautiful picture!!

  10. adrians_art 70 months ago | reply

    Fabulous sky!


    This is an award from the
    Gone With The Wind Group, Keep up the great work!!!

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  12. yART photography 70 months ago | reply

    Excellent image... I really like the mood here and the shafts of sunlight shining through the clouds!! Awesome... as always!!! Love your work!!

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    wow !! wonderful !! Really appreciate the accompanying commentary !!

  16. aftab. 70 months ago | reply

    excellent tone and mood
    just brilliant...

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  17. stylishshery 68 months ago | reply

    awesome lightning..

    Sheheryar from India

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