Art Installation - Discards & Variances
Human Trafficking from a Chinese American Family Perspective.

Prior to the 1950’s these stories of trafficking and abuse were common in the S.F. Chinese community. Unfortunately, these surrealistic narratives mirror stories being played out in the Bay Area today. Human trafficking is growing to epidemic proportions today..
This is one reason why Cynthia wants to tell this story. While the personal family history she shares is from one generation ago, the conditions that made such trafficking attractive is experiencing a huge resurgence in the Bay Area.
Her installation serves to wake us up by inspiring non-verbal conversations within our hearts. The custom printed, little pillows she lovingly hand sews are a contradiction in sweetness that depicts heartbreaking subject matter, inspiring shifts of emotions in the viewers. Although the images are vintage, the problem is currently an epidemic in the US.
Visitors are invited to walk inside this journey of revelation, articulation and celebration. They will find themselves surrounded by richly colored, highly evocative surreal paintings, dangling soft and hard mixed media pieces, found object sculpture. The images of family are a contradiction in sweetness and trauma, engulfed by soft ethereal sounds. Creatively combining this mixed media with moody atmospheric lighting, she purposely creates a sense of immersion within the written word and stories from her mother, providing viewers with a profound visual and sensory emotional experience.

Cynthia feels a strong artistic responsibility to create engaging modalities that share deep truths and spur us collectively into action. She knows very strongly, “We are all connected.”
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